Online Core Value Therapy (1-day) eWorkshop

Date: 09-Oct-2020

Online Workshop using Zoom Friday 9th October 2020

This is a one-day eWorkshop that has been adapted from face-to-face into an online format that is still interactive and group focused. You will require your own free zoom account to be set up to attend this eWorkshop.

Many people describe their experience with emotions like internal thoughts and emotions that often produces mental-ill health. These negative consequences are often blamed on others and are very rarely owned by clients. To encourage a deeper sense of self-discovery for clients the ‘Core Value Therapy’ CVT was developed.

CVT aims to discover what drives our clients and dominates their thinking/feelings/emotions and behaviours. Core values are often hidden and discovering the core value must be unique to each client. When this occurs real change and deeper understanding can begin to dramatically change a client’s life.

Clients who have completed CVT improve their mental health, behaviour and their relationships.

Cases will be presented at the workshop to demonstrate a wide variety of beneficial changes that include anger management, reduction in suicide idealisation, self-harm, drug and alcohol recovery, parenting, personal and workplace relationships. CVT is ideally suited for therapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

This eWorkshop includes:

  • How to help your clients unlock their core value using CVT model. This uses a strength base problem and solution focus approach and can dramatically improve mental health.
  • Enable the practitioner to discover their core value as a self-reflection. This is a voluntary process and is highly recommend. This allows you to discover what drives your thinking, behaviour, emotions and feelings.

"Thank you for the Core Values Training…I was doubtful at the beginning but actually experiencing your work was amazing. It was a very spiritual experience and has been transforming actually. It was a huge discovery and my self-esteem went up!!!! I am very grateful to you for facilitating this change" (Click here to see all feedback comments).

When: Friday 9th October 2020 from 9.30am to 4.00pm. There will be scheduled breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break. 

Where: Online, delivered via zoom. You will receive a zoom link prior to the workshop where you will be able to access the eWorkshop.

Cost: The booking is $275.00 (GST included).

To register: Register and complete payment below. A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you. The payment needs to be completed before the workshop occurs, for the registration to be fully confirmed.


Facilitators: David Nancarrow

David has worked for the last 17 years in a range of professional roles. He has extensive experience in working with the Education Department and working with school social behaviours and anger management counselling. As a mediator, David has worked with clients who had high levels of conflict, domestic violence and relationship breakdowns. This led him to develop the ‘Core Value’ therapy for anger management, conflict and mental health issues.

He has spoken several times at the Australian International Mental Health Conferences about the success of this therapy. He is passionate about delivering and training professionals in Father Inclusive Practice. He has developed programs for the Education and Youth Justice Department, called ‘My Path’ which is a social behaviour program for teenage males who are not attending school.

As a child consultant David specialized in symbol and sand tray therapy for children of separated families. He has managed a Mental Illness organisation which utilized the Boston Model of Recovery for mentally ill clients. Also, he is the author of two books, ‘What’s for Tea Dad’, a fun interactive cookbook for first time dads and ‘Honey I am Pregnant’, a manual for first-time dads. Both are available as free e-books.

Currently David works delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing training for OzHelp Tasmania and the business sector. David’s goal is to help equip people to be mentally and emotionally healthy to have successful and lasting relationships with themselves and others.


Feedback from previous workshops

We collect feedback from participants at the conclusion of each workshop we facilitate. You can find summary data on our feedback page. Some of the feedback collected from 67 participants between 2016 and 2018 in David Nancarrow’s Core Value Therapy workshop includes:

“Fantastic day. Very useful and I’ve got a lot to take away and process.”

“Informative and worthwhile.”

“It will allow me to reflect and build upon my knowledge of my own values and how they influence my work/life.”

“It was most important to actually observe the workshop. David working with the participants about their value and seeing the skill and technique involved”.

“It will give me a new way to have conversations with clients and create (hopefully) meaningful change in their lives.”



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